Alicia Keys – In Common (Remix) (feat. Kanye West & Travi$ Scott)

This is another song that aired on .wav radio, Travi$ Scott’s new apple music radio station. The song both features Kanye West and Travi$ Scott and is probably the song Travi$ was referring to when he said he and Kanye were featuring on a track together. Listen here

Travi$ Scott – The Hooch

Today on Travi$ Scott’s new apple music radio, he premiered a new song The Hoochie along with revealing many other details about his upcoming album including features from Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi. He also has a new music video premiering tonight. The Hoochie is an addicting song that is a must hear. Listen here

Drake – 9AM In Dallas

This is a previously unreleased song from Drake. His whole series of songs with titles that include locations and times is absolutely fantastic and might be posted in the future. This is definitely more of a chill song that has a beat led by a piano. Listen here

Bryson Tiller – Don’t Worry / Molly

Please people get hip to this man right now if you are not already.  Many of you might know him from his debut album TRAPSOUL but this dude has a lot more to offer than just that.  If you like Drake, Tiller has a similar sound so give him a shot. Listen here

Drake – My Side

This song was leaked after IF YOUR READING THIS ITS TOO LATE. Producer Boi-1da claimed that he produced the song and that it was supposed to be a bonus track to the project. Unfortunately the song was never officially released so that’s how it ended up here. Listen here

Kendrick Lamar – Eyes Above

It’s been noted for a while that Kendrick Lamar and producer Flying Lotus have quite a connection when it comes to making music. This was seen when the song Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) was released by Flying Lotus. Eyes Above (feat. Kendrick Lamar) is another fantastic collaboration between the two. While the song Eyes Above was officially released on…

Justin Bieber – Stay Together (feat. Cody Simpson)

Justin Bieber continues to struggle keeping his music locked up as another song featuring Cody Simpson leaks. The song is basically a guitar led love song where Justin Bieber, as usual, confesses his love for some unknown girl. It’s basically a typical, old school Justin Bieber love song. Listen here

Frank Ocean – Whip Appeal

Frank Ocean released this song from his tumblr in 2012. Frank Ocean thought it was “something to drive, or jog to” which is quite an accurate description of the tone of the song. Hopefully it will hold you over until the new Frank Ocean album is released. The album’s due date is supposedly before the…

Kanye West – Out Of Your Mind

This song is from a rare Kanye West album that surfaced in 2005. This is typical old Kanye rapping on an old sample. If you listen to the lyrics you can notice their reappearance in more recent Kanye songs. This is definitely a must listen if your into old Kanye. Listen here

Miguel – Come Through And Chill

Miguel hasn’t really released any new music since his most recent album WILDHEART which was critically acclaimed. If your familiar with Miguel, then this song is a similar vibe to his other song Kaleidoscope Dream. Its a very chill song as you can probably tell from the title and is also one of the most rap influenced songs…

Frank Ocean – Memrise

This song has been the only music we’ve really heard from Frank Ocean in a while. It was leaked six months ago and sounds pretty unedited. His vocals sound distant in a way yet the production seems to be on point with relaxing synths echoing throughout the song. The leak doesn’t make sense because theres…

Drake – One Dance (Completely Alternate Version)

This completely alternate version of One Dance by drake aired the other day. This version has much more dancehall influence and seems to have a strong backing by Popcaan, a featured artist on VIEWS. This is definitely has more of a summer / Jamaican feel with Drake’s new vocals and verses. Listen here