Chris Brown – In Da Club (feat. 2 Chainz)

Chris Brown just had over 40 tracks leak. Some of them have pretty terrible sound quality but within the 40 theres about 15 listenable songs. In Da Club is definitely a highlight from the 40 tracks. It features 2 Chainz who is set to drop is album within the coming month. Listen here Advertisements

Kanye West – Classic (feat. Nas & KRS-One) (Remix)

This song is from the GOOD FRIDAYS era where Kanye released a new song every Friday for 12 weeks in a row. Unfortunately the era is long gone and new music from Kanye West is harder to find then new Frank Ocean. Yet this song highlights the old Kanye West who raps alongside Nas and…

Kendrick Lamar – Cereal & Cartoons (feat. Gunplay)

This song was released over four years ago yet features a very matured and aggressive flow from Kendrick Lamar. The song opens with eerie snippets of advertisements on television. It then progresses to Kendrick Lamar and a woman singing softly. This leads to an opening in the song where heavy bass kicks in and Gunplay…

Russ – 99 (feat. Totem & paulina)

Russ has been gaining traction in the rap game as he continuously creates consistently good music. This track is a throwback to 2014 during his inception as a rapper. It features a calming beat led by the pluck of guitar strings mixed with a bass kick. Listen here

Kendrick Lamar – Young & Black

This is a track off of Kendrick Lamar’s project C4. It’s produced by sounwave and features some Jay-Z vocals that form a beautiful chorus that matches Kendrick Lamar’s flow so well. While Kendrick Lamar’s new sound has become more experimental, this song brings you back to where Kendrick Lamar started his career. Listen here

Kanye West – Euro (Demo)

Today, a song from Kanye leaked called Euro. The song sounds like a heavy Yeezus sound backed with an electric guitar and heavy percussion. This song could be a preview from his upcoming album TURBO GRAFX or could be a leftover from the Yeezus period. Download

Kanye West – Nina Chop (feat. Young Thug)

Before the release of THE LIFE OF PABLO, many sources were cited saying there was a song called Nina Chop on the album. The song turned out to be Famous yet it originally had a Young Thug feature rather then Rihanna on the hook. This version is obviously a demo but features new Kanye lyrics and an even more abrasive…

Travi$ Scott – Ra Ra (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Unfortunately, Travi$ Scott never had time to finish this song for his album BITTSM so he aired the rough version on .wav radio. The song was highly anticipated since he performed it at many concerts and so forth. Despite it being rough, the song is still excellent. Listen here

Travi$ Scott – Black Mass

This is by far my favorite Travi$ Scott leak that never surfaced on his album BITTSM. It features a steady bass that hits hard and matches the background trumpet quite well. The song was aired on .wav radio, Travi$ Scott’s personal radio station on Beats 1. Listen here

Alicia Keys – In Common (Remix) (feat. Kanye West & Travi$ Scott)

This is another song that aired on .wav radio, Travi$ Scott’s new apple music radio station. The song both features Kanye West and Travi$ Scott and is probably the song Travi$ was referring to when he said he and Kanye were featuring on a track together. Listen here

Travi$ Scott – The Hooch

Today on Travi$ Scott’s new apple music radio, he premiered a new song The Hoochie along with revealing many other details about his upcoming album including features from Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi. He also has a new music video premiering tonight. The Hoochie is an addicting song that is a must hear. Listen here